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“I was just telling Annette,  ‘I have never met a guy more professional.’You kept us informed of what was going on with the transaction without burying us in the minutia. Thanks for making it easy.”

Client for Life, Liam Beaton

“Rex, we’re so pleased with the way this is working out. I
already told some foreign service friends I have a great 
real estate agent when they’re ready to retire in Portland.  Thanks. . .”

Client for Life, Dick Edwards

“Thank you sooo much.  I love working with you and your team!  You guys ROCK!”

Escrow Officer, Mandi Miller

Rex, “Sometimes my friends say, ‘Are you sure you are doing the right thing?’ and I respond, I trust my agent he has worked with my kids on four different transactions over the past five years and if they trust him, I know I trust him. You made the transaction so smooth it seemed effortless!”

Client for Life, Maurita Davis

“Rex is the hardest working best Realtor I know in Oregon. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Courtney Cooper, Owner/Broker of
Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Services, Seattle, WA,

“I don’t know if it was your internet marketing or what, but we
always had a steady stream of buyers flowing through our home. 
you for marketing our home for all it is worth.”

Client for Life, Jane Glanville

“Rex you’re amazing! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this is working out so well!”

TOP 33, Client for Life, Carolyn Burleigh

 “Thanks for all your hard work! I’m thankful we worked with you.  I truly believe your approachability is what lead to the sale of our home.”

Client for Life, Angela Pope 

“I’m soooo happy with everything you and Stephanie have done for me and how this is all working out. You are my Realtor for life!”

Client for Life, Patty Espy

“Rex, thanks for all your hard work. We are very happy and couldn’t have done it without you.

Client for Life, Jeff Lumb

“This process is stressful, but I trust you and know you have my best interest at heart. Thank you!”

Client for Life, Andrea Hardy

“When I got the closing statement I saw the mistake, but I didn’t even call I knew you would take care of it. Thanks for all your help. . .”

Client for Life, Jay Jackson

“Rex my wife and I have never raved about a guy like we’ve raved about you.  I’m
serious we’re telling everyone we know. 
Annette and I are over the moon.Excellent!

Client for Life, Liam Beaton

“We interviewed four recommended realtors and we choose you. Not because you drive a big ol Lexus, but because you are a good communicator, and that is what is really important to us.

Client for Life, Thea Gray

“When we first started working together I didn’t know how you worked, I do now and I am thankful.”

Loan Officer and Client for Life, Barry Woodworth 

Thanks for all your help and enthusiasm with the house. It really has been a fun and rewarding project and no doubt will continue to be. By the way . . . do you have a favorite bottle of wine? Cheers, Joleen

Client for Life, Joleen Hess

 He was very honest, clear, and prompt with his answers. Down to earth guy. Not pushy.

Client for Life, Glynis Lumb

“When you first told us what you wanted to market our house for we thought you were way too high. Then you sold it full price with two competing offers!”

TOP 33, Client for Life, Jamie Norman 

Rex went out of his way to do a fantastic job when selling my house. He advertised widely and got us solid buyers in an ugly market. I couldn’t be happier with the service Rex provided. Rex puts his all into a sale. His negotiation skills were excellent. I knew I could trust him with looking out for my interests. He was always available on the phone and willing to spend time answering my questions, explaining the process, and when I asked for it, giving me great advice.I would never go with another real estate broker.

Client for Life, Kimiora Ward 

“We beat the other offers out??? Whoohoo! Gary said you were a “closer!”

Client for Life, Thea Gray

I want to personally thank you for everything you’ve done for Sarah and I. The time you spent with us in your office and touring homes really meant a lot. Mostly, I want to thank you for always being a phone call away.  I am glad to know that I can confidently refer you to anyone I know interested in purchasing or selling a home. I hope to be able to work with you again or refer you in the future, Sincerely Tony Darco and Sarah Long

Client for Life, Tony Darco and Sarah Long

I’m just sad that I don’t have a photo with you like all the other clients!

Client for Life, Joleen Hess

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